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Since 2008 we have been building an amazing community of 'healthy, happy humans'.


Over the years we have been refining and improving our health focused CrossFit Program. We are proud to be Wales' oldest affiliate. CrossFit Swansea is our flagship program, upon entering sessions you will learn how to master movement safely. We believe strongly in CrossFit's founder Greg Glassman's mantra 'Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity'. First learn the movement, then learn to perform it consistently well, then we add the magic ingredient....intensity.

Weightlifting, basic gymnastics, running, rowing, strongman, kettlebells...these are all tools that we use to build a strong base of GPP (General Physical Preparedness).

Our classes are small (14 people) to ensure each member receives personal attention. You will meet a bunch of incredibly friendly people from every walk of life you can imagine, all there to get fit, have fun and keep one another motivated. If this intrigues you why not get booked into a free intro session, you have absolutely nothing to lose but so much awesomeness to gain.

Take a look at our gallery below and see what our members think then use the form to get in touch.  

Our purpose is to help build healthier, happier humans through teaching the fundamentals of strength, health & fitness, enabling them to thrive.
— The Outcast Team

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