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Mindset RX'd Seminar with Tom Foxley 26/08/17

We're delighted to announce we'll be hosting Tom Foxley's Mindset RX'd Seminar at Outcast on 26/08/17.

The Mindset RX'd Seminar is specifically aimed at CrossFit athletes of ALL abilities. It doesn't matter if you've been CrossFitting 6 days or 6 years, the seminar will be for you. The aims of the seminar are to:

 1. Increase Intensity Tolerance - how hard can you push without stopping?

What Tom has seen is most athletes have no idea of just how hard they can really push. Or, they stop when they know they have more in the tank. Tom will discuss his tactics he has used with hundreds of athletes.

He combines these with lessons he has learned from the best CrossFit athletes such as Brent Fikowski, Chris Spealler, Laura Faulkner and Patrick Vellner on his podcast, The Alpha Movement Podcast.

2. Make you more consistent - we know what we should be doing in nutrition, training and mobility, and we still don't do it.

Tom has broken down the tactics he uses in Mindset RX'd so that anyone can use them to do the things they know they should be doing without it having to be an effort.

Simplicity + Consistency = Success

3. Master your self-talk.

In Tom's words "we can be the mother of all dicks to ourselves; if someone else said to us, what we say to ourselves, we wouldn't put up with it. So why do we crush ourselves with it?"

Tom states that this is the KEY to becoming a better athlete.

So, whether your goal is to reach the CrossFit Games or to simply be a healthier, fitter version of you, this seminar is going to accelerate your progress to doing that.

You can get your tickets here: BUY TICKETS

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Kevin Don Strength Seminar 23/07/17


The reason that there are many injuries in this sport is because in the quest for completion of movement,dynamic was embraced in the absence of static and momentum overtook muscular output. Unilateral and multidirectional movements as part of true GPP have become neglected, as coaches and athletes became more and more sport specific. Progressive overload and linear periodization gave way to the cycling of over-varied movements. Absolute strength hasn’t been built. Athletes fell victim to the law of diminishing returns, unfortunately that is not how strength is developed and will quickly lead to plateaus and potential for injury. BUILD the foundation; get strong in the fundamental positions and maximize your athletic potential. - Kevin Don


We hosted Kevin 2 years ago during his tour of gyms around the world where he brought his excellent deadlift seminar showcasing the different styles of how to lift. Since then he has trained and coached with more of the best minds in the business and has created a more in-depth 3.5 hour seminar based on strength as a skill. Cost of the seminar is £40 and is limited to 20 people, we'll be posting a link to sign up through teamup this week and time of the seminar will be confirmed.

Limited to 20 people only as Kevin wants to ensure EVERYONE gets the very most out of the course. Book on here

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Outcast Summer Slam 2017

When? Sunday July 9th

What? In house competition open to all with both RX and Scaled divisions with prizes for top 3 placings in each. 

After the success of the Outcast Intramural Open with so many getting into the spirit of some competitive adult PE it would be rude not to hold a fun competition just for our members. 3 workouts plus one final, all workouts will be released over the next 7 days.

Keep an eye on Talking Shop for entry details, if you aren't on fartbook we'll have a form at the gym to add your names.


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